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Writing good quality content is essential with any writing you’ll ever compose. Whether you’re writing content for a web site, blog, forum or just writing about your product or services, your content must be factual, easy to understand and make sense to the average non techie reader. Your writings must also make sense to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other lesser know search engines, because the rules regarding good content are the same regardless of which engine used. If you don’t write relevant quality information, you will lose search engine standings as well as your reading audience rather quickly.

In recent months, article marketing has gained popularity at an astounding pace. Internet marketers are now beginning to realize that writing quality information can help build a thriving online business much faster than any other method of promotion. By paying close attention to what’s happening in the marketplace, you can laser focus your writings to a specific issue or other areas of interest. Keep you writing simple without a lot of technical stats or hype which can confuse the average layman.

With the advent of the internet, people are using the World Wide Web to obtain information on any subject one can imagine. Most of the readers nowadays scan reads. Readers first look at the title of an article and if you have a catchy title and opening paragraph, the readers may or may not continue to read. Much thought must be put into your writings to capture the reader’s attention, and keep it. In one of our recent articles we discussed the A-I-D-A theory. The following is a brief review of what this theory is all about.

A- equals ATTENTION. If you don’t get the reader’s attention right from the get go, your reader will click off immediately. Once they leave your business opportunity, take my word for it, they will be gone forever.

I- equals INTEREST. You must compose your opening statement to be so powerful, that you not only get the reader’s attention, but you created such a compelling value, that it peaks the readers interest to the point of wanting to know more.

D- equals DESIRE. Your remarks must be so strong it generates a passionate desire, and your reader will develop a lust for a part of whatever you’re promoting or selling.

A- equals ACTION. You can have the best product in the world, you may have a sales pitch that is super powerful, but without asking for the order you will probably never get the sale. The whole process requires asking for the order and getting it. This is what most successful sales individuals call the close.

Some writers like to use bullet points when writing. Others may use short, but factual paragraphs with excellent descriptive language of what their writing is all about. Here’s a good suggestion. Include two or three sentences per paragraph which should keep the reader’s attention focused on your information. If you go on and on about a particular point, your reader will become bored, and click off your writing and go somewhere else that’s more interesting.

Since keywords and keyword phrases are what the search engines uses to match a readers search query, it’s imperative to include your keywords and phrases strategically placed within your writings. Make certain that your keywords and phrases are relevant to what you’re trying to promote. Normally search engines will target 5 maybe 6 keywords out of what you include in your Meta description found in your source code. So in plain English, more is not necessarily better. In the code, list your most important keywords in order of importance.

Linking is vitally important to the success of your writings. Outbound links adds a lot of credibility to your writings. Internal links can help you as well when pointing your readers to some of your other information that is relative to your subject matter. Be sure to include the tag in the source code that will bring the readers back to your writing, expecially if you have hyperlinks in the content area of your writing. If you need help here, be sure and give me a call.

Including a contact form is an excellent way to let the potential client get hold of you without commitment or pressure. Be careful not to ask for too much information, you will scare them away. Getting the email address is all I ever ask for. If the reader gives me their email address, at least it shows me that he or she is somewhat interested in what I have to offer. After exchanging a couple of corresponding emails, then it’s rather easy to glean other information such as a name, or phone number.

Don’t hesitate to place your phone number in the author’s resource box at the end of each writing. I’ve been truly amazed at how many people have called just to ask a simple question, just because they knew they could. That of course is what I wanted them to do. I have been able to help several individuals as a result of being available for a “no obligation” consultation.

If any of this information has been helpful to you today, then consider it as my gift to you. Members of our eBiz Solutions Team are standing by to assist you in your writing and marketing challenges. Call us today for your free “no obligation” consultation.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Make Money Online by Writing:

Writing articles and posting your articles online is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business opportunity in today's market. There are many different styles of writing that can be very effective, and your writings must be done on a regular and consistent basis if you want to survive online. It has been proven that well written content will get your message to the internet masses whether your content appears in a web site, blog, forum or some other form of media that can promote what you have to offer.

Words can be extremely powerful in promoting a product or service. Straying from your subject matter even a little bit can be devastating to your overall effectiveness and online success. When writing you must keep your approach focused on the subject you select to write about and stick with the subject rather than rambling. Nothing will turn a reader off quicker than your writings straying off your topic.

It's a good practice to make a brief outline of your subject matter so you won't spend a lot of time on content that offers nothing relevant to your subject matter. Whether your words are spoken or written, your words can be compelling and can persuade individuals to take that positive action and purchase your product or service. Words can be interrupted by the reader in many different ways. Hopefully a positive outcome will develop so you can follow through with your thoughts and close the sale.

The title of your article should include two or three keywords or phrases so the reader can get an idea of what your article is all about. Many times this is referred to as the headline of the article. If you fail to grab the attention of the reader in the title, many of your readers won't look any further at your information. Your title should be catchy but not cute so the reader will continue to read what you have to say about your opportunity.

If you're like most readers they will scan read your page rather quickly: If you haven't caught their attention by then, you have probably lost that potential client and they will quickly move to the next site and do the same process all over again. Normally you only have one chance to capture the reader's attention. You must take full advantage of that chance if you want to succeed online.

Keep your headline as short as possible and still get your point across. Never use a general title unless a one word title explains what you're trying to convey to the user. A good example would be the term "Leads". This particular word is a general term, however, any online marketer will relate to the word because of the importance of "leads" to the success of their business.

Your title must be very clear, concise and deliver a specific message. Once you have compiled your article and reviewed it for content, spelling and structure, you will find a number of suitable titles for your writing. I always like to write my articles about a specific topic but never title the article until I have completed my writings. This makes it easier to find a suitable, relevant title to whatever my articles final outcome may have evolved into.

Once you've noted several different titles that can be used for your writing, then you can make a choice of which one best describes your overall content of your article. A good example here would be if you were writing about blogging, you could use the title of "Writing Blogs is Fun" may be a general title that has no meaning to the individual who is interested in blogging for promoting his or her business. A title of "Blogging to Promote Your Business Opportunity" may be more appropriate. Use your imagination a little here, and soon your writing will evolve into a powerful medium of communication.

As you progress in your writing and blogging skills you will find it much easier each time you write, to come up with an effective title. Practice makes perfect in this particular case. The more you write the better you will be at writing. You will find there is a particular segment of readers that will relate to your writings and will make it a point to subscribe to your RSS feeds so they can keep up with your writings because they like your style. You will create a following of avid, loyal readers that one day may become your next best customers.

Just remember, your headline is what is going to get the attention of the reader in almost every case. Make the headline catchy, write good relevant content in the body of your article and consistently write and blog in an effort to hone your skills in writing until writing becomes a second nature to your everyday activity.

In Summary: Create a powerful headline that will grab the reader's attention to your articles. Take some time, a little effort and a dash of creativity and come up with the very best title you can think of. Continue to practice to hone your writing skills and you're on your way to establishing a following of regular readers that will eventually recognize you as their authority on a given subject.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your writing and marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Being an Optimist or Pessimist Affects Your Life!

Everyone is faced with decisions every day of our lives. Life is filled with change, and choices that we all must face. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an event your choice will probably be much different than just talking to someone, and telling them your story and then listening to their answers. Anyone you've explained your situation to, will look at the issue at hand and make recommendations from a totally different point of view than you will. It's all a matter of perspective based on information and facts available.

You can look at any issue you face, from many different perspectives. A good example of this is the view of the pessimist who views his life as a total loss and lives in his own world of self-defeat. The optimist looks at the situation totally different and see's every experience in his or her life as a stepping stone and the issue at hand as one more challenge in life's journey.

Why should we make the right choice here? Because every decision you make in life will affect your future in only two ways: either good or bad. Pessimistic attitudes are contagious and someone who is a pessimistic will drag everyone around them down, whether it's in their personal life, academic, occupational or political and a negative attitude will affect everyone they come in contact with. Having a bad attitude can even have a devastating effect on your physical and social well being.

Success with your online business will definitely be affected by your attitude. Of course being optimistic about where you want to take your site with the search engines is imperative if you want to experience Top Positions on Google and other fine search engines.

You must maintain a very optimistic attitude and believe that all the bad things you've heard about online marketing will not happen to you, and your every movement must be laser focused on becoming a success on the internet. You may not become one of the next dot com millionaires that we've all heard about, however, you can become very successful in your online efforts if you maintain a good attitude and work hard to make it all happen.

Whether you're a pessimist or an optimist, you'll be faced with choices that will require a decision to be rendered. This will be true with every aspect of your life. Remember it's a matter of perception. Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full. Your positive attitude will always make any challenge you face in life to be more acceptable and your end result will always be better for you and the ones you love. You may encounter defeat every once in a while during your lifetime, however, defeat is only temporary and will soon pass as soon as you analyze your alternatives, and make the right choices to the issue at hand.

The positive expectations of an optimist are evident by their attitude after a terrible fall. They get up, brush themselves off and continue with their journey to a successful outcome and consider the fall as just a mere bump in the road to achieving their goals. The optimist will always see opportunities in their life, rather than seeing any challenges as insurmountable. Your loved ones and those who you associate with will also be affected. Those around you who share a positive attitude will always gravitate to the positive surroundings generated by an optimistic individual. This is one area of your life that "opposites attract" does not apply to.

Optimistic attitudes in one's life will severely affect your business success as well. Have you ever heard of a successful Search Engine Optimization Specialist who was not optimistic by nature? Absolutely not! You will never hear of someone who is successful be considered as anything but optimistic in everything they do. I think Butch Hamilton the SEO Master said it best when he said "you are what you're thinking right now." If you think you can accomplish a goal, then the chances are excellent that you will do it and be successful. If you think you can't, then it probably won't happen for you.

People will respond positively to optimists because they are proactive and less dependent on others for their success and happiness. Those who are true optimist are normally accepted by people around them rather quickly, while than those who are always touting the philosophy of doom and gloom, panic and hysteria are treated totally different. When the going gets tough, the optimists get tougher and downright tenacious.

Some professionals say that "Optimists normally live longer, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and with their positive attitude records show that there is a measurable increase in the body's ability to fight off common colds, flu, and disease that others seem to attract." It has also been stated that an optimist will age better as well, as a result of having a good outlook on life in general.

Enjoy the benefits of a positive attitude which will make your daily online chores and duties more pleasurable, not only for yourself but also for those around you. If you think you can, you can, if you think you can't, you won't!

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your mindset and online marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogging – Is An Excellent Way to Promote Your Business!

If you're just getting started in the online marketing game and don't know where to begin, then today's article may help you set some boundaries and perimeters in your new venture. Many of us have been in some form of sales for years and any good salesperson will share some features and benefits and then go for the close rather quickly. We've all been taught this approach right from the beginning of our selling career out in the business to business world.

Marketing on the internet is quite different and unless you take the time to learn the correct process of approaching potential clients, then probably we will be shot out of the saddle before we ever get started.

One of the hardest things to change will be the transition from our old embedded habits of trying to sell right from the beginning, and replace that old approach with quality relevant information to the potential client without trying to make the sale. The internet is all about good quality, relevant information covering any particular subject matter.

It takes an average of 7 contacts with an online user before they will make that all important decision to make the purchase with you or just click off your opportunity, and go away to another website on the internet. Once their gone, they are probably gone forever. One chance will probably be all you get, so make the best of it.

One sure fire method of getting and keeping the potential clients attention, is to blog on a consistent time frame basis about your business opportunity in a very low key information blog. Your blogs don't have to be long and boring, but they do have to be interesting, informative and capture the potential clients attention and hold their attention so they will come back often just to see what new information you provided today.

In an effort to provide new content for your blogs you will have to study your product or service and be as familiar with your opportunity as you are with the back of your hand. Research information by other authors and use some of their ideas in the overall scope of your articles final draft.

Never copy someone else's content and attempt to get away with it without giving the author credit for their quote in quotation marks. Include the author's name, title of the article and any other credits deserved in order to keep your reputation unquestionably clean and legal.

Review any notes you may have taken, make an outline of your thoughts that you've gathered while reading and researching other writings and start writing about that subject in your own words. You'll be amazed at how in depth your thought process can become when utilizing this method of learning to write. Write from the heart, write as you talk and write often to become a recognized author.

If you haven't started to blog yet, go ahead and give it a try. Blog about anything that comes to mind and then find a blog that you can post it to. Who knows you might be the next great information blogger to hit the internet. If you're into Network Marketing then write about how great it is to find value in your new found business opportunity.

When it comes to marketing your product or service, make sure you only promote one product or service per website. This will make it easier for your prospective clients to find you with the use of good relevant keywords about your product or service. In each site your goal is to write good relevant content to help people understand your business and purchase your opportunity.

Your content must be concise, informative, entertaining and written in such a way as to capture the attention of the user. But, there's more to it than just capturing the user's attention you must keep their attention to a point that the user will end up making a choice to either purchase your opportunity or click off your site and go somewhere else.

Don't get discouraged if everyone doesn't purchase your offering. Each person will have a different closing ratio even though they may be presenting the same product or service. The timing must be right for the sale to be made even though you may be the best salesperson in the world you're not going to close every sale on the internet.

People like to shop and compare value when it comes to internet purchases. By offering solutions to the users problems will get you closer, quicker than trying to use some of the common high pressure tactics we were taught and used in direct sales in the past.

People will respond if you can help them save money, make money, market their business opportunity more profitable, generate sales leads and introduce them to ways to free up some of their precious time using automated marketing systems that are affordable and effective.

It all boils down to helping people solve problems and fill their personal goals and needs, plus give them better value than the competition can provide.

So let's think about how blogging can help you overcome your blogging challenges. In this article did you picked up on the various articles you could write about your business? Think about the opportunities that it affords and the value you could write about that would help a potential client in their business or purchase commitment?

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your blogging and marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Procrastination - The Silent Killer!

We're talking about a situation here that affects most people in our society and has devastated many individuals future. We are talking about procrastination and how it affects our society in general. It is estimated that over 95% of people today are guilty of procrastination and over 20% of those individuals are guilty of habitual and chronic symptoms.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt and crisis, severe loss of personal productivity, as well as social disapproval for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. These feelings combined may promote further procrastination. While it is regarded as normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning in ones life.

None of us want to admit that the procrastination in our situation is as serious as a psychological disorder; however, the end result of procrastination will always be the same. Procrastination has killed more good ideas and deals than anyone could possibly count. We all know that a choice has to be made and we keep putting it off just a little while longer. It may be something rather simple yet we all have that inner feeling that keeps telling us all the reasons why we should keep putting off that all important commitment to get the job done. As one author put it so eloquently "the worry is worse than the work", and yet we just can't draw ourselves to quite….get….started.

Procrastination appears to be just part of our human nature that we all possess. However, once that procrastination becomes a chronic situation in our lives, then the damage of not making a choice becomes a major factor in our lives. It will have a devastating effect on every aspect of our lives such as relationships, work challenges, finances and especially on our mental abilities to cope. Soon we will start doubting ourselves and this situation will escalate into more and more challenges in our lives that will occur as a result of our minds being trained to put it off till later.

Many times procrastination will evolve into destructive behavior. Drug addiction, alcohol dependency and gambling are some of the situations that many individuals procrastinate about. They are definitely concerned about this devastating situation, however, they won't make the choice right now to do anything about it. They all say "I'm going to do something about it tomorrow." Self destruction is the end result of many of these unfortunate situations.

There are many contributing factors that regulate any "putting it off" situation. Sometimes it's a chemical imbalance in the human genetics that triggers such behavior. Sometimes the cause for procrastination may be caused by anxiety, and there are some mixed opinions on this subject by the professionals. Sometimes it's just plan laziness which may be the true cause. Whatever the cause, each individual who is suffering from this problem must take back control of their lives before anything will ever change. Sometimes the only solution to resolve this situation is to seek help from a medical professional who is an expert in this type of problems. Sometimes the only solution is to turn to God our maker and trust in that higher power.

Some procrastinate simply because they consider themselves as perfectionist and if they can't do it right they will do nothing at all. I realize there may be some individuals that may legitimately fit into this scenario; however, many have used this excuse merely to do nothing. They procrastinate about doing something about their procrastination problems. Regardless of how much help your loved ones or those around you try to help in this dilemma the end result is totally up to that individual who is procrastinating to resolve a bad situation.

This brings us to the point of how procrastination affects us in our business lives. The same examples we've talked about above will definitely have an impact on our business lives and the success and failure of every business and is a direct result of a choice that was made at some time in the past. At that point and time a choice had to be made for the betterment of the business. Had the owner of the company had hesitated and procrastinated in making a choice, you can bet the outcome would have been totally different. On the other side of the coin some who procrastinated will never truly know how that choice that they postponed to a later time affected the outcome of their future and their families.

One of the main issues here is with defining procrastination in each of our lives. There are some things that we naturally must put off due to some extenuating circumstances. This is to be expected because each of us must face challenges as they develop and make choices based on the information at hand at the time the issues evolved. It is up to each of us to make an informed choice on everything we do. If each of us hasn't taken the time to research the alternatives to a particular problem, we have no one to blame for our failure but ourselves.

One of the most effective ways to help us make those all important choices is to set some perimeters on whatever the issue at hand may be. Prioritize what is important and what may have little significance on the outcome the immediate situation. This small step can become a major stepping stone to our successful outcome regarding any problem.

Distractions can be a major problem for many people who suffer with procrastination. With all the modern toys that we all have access to can really be a detriment to any kind of cure for the devastating problem of procrastination.

We have the options to play games on the computer, watch movies all day or go shopping, which are perfectly legal things to do, however, each of us must gain control of our destiny if we want to quit putting off today what we can do tomorrow. Statistics show that over 50% of all heart attack patients don't manage their lifestyle changes even though their Doctors gave them the choices of modifying their daily activities which could add years to their life. Procrastination is a killer not only to our personal experiences but to our businesses as well.

The solution to overcoming the problems associated with procrastination is to understand and define that there is indeed a problem. Make a detailed schedule of what is important for you and needs to be done right now. Don't put it off till tomorrow or next week, do it right now. Make a concerted effort to follow that schedule and fulfill each and every detail as soon as possible. Mark each chore off your list as soon as it's completed and go to the next item on your list. Suddenly you will find that each and every item you put on your schedule has been accomplished long before you thought it was possible. Then repeat the process again the first thing in the morning. Set down and make your list and do it all over again. By doing this on a regular basis you are changing a pattern that you've been used to and developing a new habit of getting the job done. Now you're getting over the procrastination that we've been talking about in the article. Congratulations!

If you need help in this ongoing challenge, then contact the eBiz Solutions Team for help. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Is Owning an Article Directory Right For You?

The popular phrase "the internet is the information highway" is so well stated. It is in fact stuffed with information about any subject matter you can think of. You will see pro's and con's on the subject and everything in between. How does all of this information happen anyway? To put it very simply, people like you and I write their opinion about a particular subject and post it up on the internet and immediately more information has been added to this huge library of information called the internet.

There are all kind of people from every walk of life who use the internet for their method of studying information about a subject, playing games, gambling, keeping in touch with friends, loved ones and so much more.

Over the last decade, the individuals who use the internet have changed as well as the search engine that provides the information to the user when a search query is made by a user on this marvelous ever evolving invention called the internet. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of optimizing their websites to gain more recognition by the search engines so when these queries do occur that the search engines can provide the most up to day, relevant information available.

Many of the owners of the high page ranking sites with the search engines are using article marketing as their primary thrust for gaining those highly coveted page ranking positions. Some of these businesses are devoting entire websites just for publishing articles. There is a definite reason for entire website to be devoted to article marketing and that's because of the powerful effects it brings to their website with the search engines.

Has your marketing specialist or consultant ever told you about this remarkable function that can draw massive back links to your web site? Probably not! They want to keep this a secret so they can capitalize on the massive traffic they will generate if you hire them to do your promoting.

Has you specialist or consultant told you about how powerful it would be for your web site if you added an article directory to your current website as a third level domain? Probably Not! If you are sick and tired of being left in the dust on the internet, then do something about it. Talk with the professionals at BLM Traders and see if you qualify for your own article directory.

One huge advantage of owning your own directory is that other well known authors on the internet who may not even own a website, they just love to write and post their writing anywhere they can. They are constantly looking for places to post their articles on a regular basis and many of them make a good living by ghost writing as well, for people who don't like to write, or maybe just don't have the time to write on a regular basis.

Many of these writers are accomplished authors and when they post to your article directory you have developed another avenue to take it one step further and generate some additional back links. How does this all happen? When someone comes to your directory to download an article on a particular subject your directory link must stay on the download. This article is then published in someone's web site, forum or another directory and your link must stay on the download regardless of how many people download in this chain of events. This soon becomes a viral linking system at its finest.

When a person downloads from your directory, you have no clue where that article is going to end up. It really doesn't matter because you are getting your links spread all over the World Wide Web.

If you are the one who writes the article then your name as the author, your business opportunity and your links will appear in the resource box at the end of your writings. You can gain a huge following of avid readers following your writings if you do it correctly. People who find your information in the resource box will find your 2-3 links to you business opportunity and hopefully they will go and visit your site and make a purchase of your product or service.

The resource box is normally limited to about 300 characters which will give you enough room to post your contact information for the public to see. Make the bio box attractive, informative and accurate. Place a couple of your keywords or keyword phrases in this area letting the user know what you're trying to marketing whether it's a product or a service. Services are sometimes harder to market on line than a tangible product. With proper optimization of your website by your optimization specialist either one of these commodities can successfully be accomplished. The whole purpose of the bio box is to drive traffic to your business opportunity. More traffic to your site = more sales = more profits.

Make sure your information in the resource box (or the bio box) is totally accurate and is relevant to what your writing are all about. If a user feels that you are less than honest about your information, nothing turns a potential client off quicker than if they feel you're trying to bait and switch. You only get once chance here with most of your readers, so use your space effectively.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in your marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute "no obligation" consultation.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Optimizing your Articles and Websites!

Every search engine optimization specialist seems to have a different take of how you should go about the all important task of optimization of your website. Today we want to talk about some of the basics that has been tried and proven to be extremely effective in every marketing campaign.

Some of these experts even say that an ezine article will normally take 6-7 days for your article to be approved so you should submit your articles on a Thursday or Friday. I don't think it makes a difference because I normally will publish an article every day or two if at all possible. Whenever the publisher gets around to accepting my article is OK because I have another article coming right behind it. If you're just getting started in this process, don't get bogged down with the time frame discussed above. Concentrate on the basics which we will cover in greater detail in a just a moment.

Optimizing the Title of your Article or Website, Meta Tags Description and your Keywords are the main ingredients you should focus on. You must spend a lot of time on researching keywords and must devote a lot of research into finding the right keywords for your marketing campaigns. Many times I will spend more time on my keyword research than I will spend on the construction of the entire website or article. The keywords that the users queries in the search area of the search engines is what the search engines match to your keywords and then publishes the final display of recommended sites for that particular query. It's all based on relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

When you're researching for the right keywords and phrases to use in your articles or content of your website, you should try to put yourself in the users shoes for a moment and think of what you would type in the search area if you had an interest in your product you're about to offer. Ask your friends and loved ones to help you in this process. All you have to do is ask them to think of what terms they would put in the search box of their favorite search engine if they were interested in your widget you're trying to market on line. They can give you some really good feedback and suggestions.

You might even look at some articles in some of the article directories you're familiar with and see what keywords that others have used when writing about your opportunities category. Then you might consider some variations on those keywords and keyword phrases. If you're selling a product there's nothing wrong with using information from your competition to establish which keywords will be best for your current marketing campaign. It is my opinion that a through keyword research is the foundation to a successful business venture.

We've discussed in some of our other writings about how important good relevant content is when writing copy for your website, writing an article, blog or forum. With any of the search engines, content is King and is vital if you want to earn "Top Positions on Google" and other fine search engines. What you say and how you say it is important and you must keep that point in the fore front of your mind whenever you're writing.

When you've completed your writing now comes the fun part of posting your writing on the internet. There are many methods of posting your article for people to see on line. One of my favorite ways is to publish to article directories including my own personal directory. You might want to consider owning your own article directory as well. Contact the eBiz Solutions Team at the contact information below to see if you qualify.

Make sure you post in the correct category for maximum exposure with the users and the search engines. Again you might want to use your competition and see where they have posted their information. This will help you choose the category that may best fit you particular needs. If you have the option to post your writings in more than one category or sub category then use that feature to your advantage.

One of the main things to remember here is to use your resource box correctly by keeping your bio description of yourself and company to about 300 characters. Try not to use more than three of your best keywords or phrases in this part of your writing. Make sure you hyperlink those three keywords and point them to your business opportunity.

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